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What I we tell you that there is a way to earn lots of money online? Sounds good, but doubtful? Well, there is a way to earn money online. All you need is to work with the biggest e-commerce company in the world! With the affiliate program of Amazon, also popularly known as Amazon Associates Program, you can monetize your online presence and earn a steady income. Though it is not as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of things to do for becoming a successful Amazon affiliate.  Let us have a close look at the details to understand the affiliate marketing programs and learn how to become an Amazon associate.

What is affiliate marketing?

Like any other affiliate program, the main idea behind this program is simple. Affiliate marketing programs are arrangements where an online merchant pays an affiliate for sales or online traffic, based on the agreement.

In the case of Amazon affiliate marketing, associates are paid when a referred user buys a product from the e-commerce tycoon within one day. This is a win-win situation for all the people who are involved. Sellers benefit from the extra visibility and sales, whereas affiliates earn an extra income. Returns for affiliate marketing are based on the accomplishment under the pay-per-sale model. Thus, it is in their best interest to optimize their content and site to improve sales. So, if you are a seller comprehensive about affiliate marketing, you can be assured that it works.

For affiliates, this is the best way to profit from the growing online retail market. Amazon accounts for over 40% of all online purchases, so the retail giant is a great partner. All that is left is for you to master Amazon affiliate marketing. There are various benefits of affiliate marketing for both the merchant as well as participating affiliates. As far as the merchant is concerned, it is an opportunity to expand the reach and increase sales through affordable marketing. As affiliate marketing is performance-based- affiliates are paid just when the desired action takes place-members in the affiliate program are encouraged to drive conversions.

For affiliates, participating in an associate marketing program allows them to be involved in eCommerce without the need to establish and maintain their store. It also offers the opportunity to monetize a site, social media, or a blog and earn a huge commission.

There are three kinds of affiliate marketing:

Pay-per-sale: – In this kind of program, the merchant pays an affiliate when the affiliate sends a client who purchases something. Some merchants pay the affiliate a fixed rate per sale whereas others, like Amazon, pay a percentage of the sale.

Pay-per-click: – In this sort of arrangement, the affiliate is paid depending on how many visitors visit the merchant’s website through the affiliate link, and the affiliate is paid regardless of whether the customers make a purchase.

Pay-per-lead: – This kind of program pays affiliates depending on the total number of visitors to the merchant’s website who sign up as leads or fill the request information on the site.

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

First, we would like to discuss the pros of Amazon affiliate marketing programs. Here are a few reasons why you should choose the Amazon affiliate marketing program.

A well-trusted and reputed brand- Amazon is a top-class brand that is popular across the world. Besides the eCommerce business, their affiliate program is also one of the most popular business options available online.  The wide variety of products, on-time delivery service, and best quality made Amazon one of the top companies in the industry. Earning money online needs other people to trust you and with Amazon, you can do it easily. Everybody knows this brand and they prefer going there. Brand trust plays an important role in selling something. You can attain higher conversion if you can promote in the right way.

Nearly all goods are available- The huge size of Amazon’s market is one of the positive things for you to get involved with it. It is the home of numerous products. And you can buy anything they sell. When you are curating a blog or promoting it through other channels, you have a chance to discuss it in another group. Not to mention that Amazon has a robust customer base. Niche-focused advertising can help you to achieve what you want, i.e., profit.

Additional benefits- Through the Amazon affiliate marketing program, one can grow the revenue as Amazon has a specific set of rules to get maximum benefits. Apart from the products that you promote, you can also attain profit from other items too. If customers follow your affiliate links and buy anything more than you mentioned, you will receive a commission for that, too. All you need to do is send customers to Amazon. Cookies of Amazon can remember your customer for 24 hours which means that if the person leaves and return Amazon within that time, your commission is obtained if they purchase something.

Supportive- It is not that only you are looking for sales, but Amazon wants more sales. To run their mission and to pay their tens of thousands of affiliates, they need high sales, also. When you send a client, Amazon assists them to finalize the purchase. If your customers do not buy any of the products and leave the cart, then Amazon starts sending them emails so that they are reminded of the items in the cart and finish the shopping.

Art of selling- If there would be a contest for the best sales funnel, Amazon will be a powerful contender to defeat. As far as selling online is concerned, Amazon is regarded as the leader. From the purchase button to the placement of the image, from customer reviews to pertinent items- everything is there for improving the sales. Starting your affiliate with the best sales funnel in the world is something that will keep you forward. Leverage it and attain the maximum with your engaging blogs and strong promotional activities.

How does the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program Work?

Amazon Associates is a referral program that pays some amount of money as a commission for referring websites. So, when you send a consumer to Amazon through a link on your site, you achieve a percentage of the sale of whatever they buy over the next 2 days. The amount of your commission depends on what kind of item a consumer buy. It is vital to keep in mind that the percentage of sales you get is not the only factor included in your pay. Your conversion rate also plays a vital role as it shows how many people are clicking on the affiliate link and buying things after visiting your website.

Conversion rate can be defined as the percentage of visitors to your site who purchase an item through an affiliate link out of the total number of people visiting your website. For instance, if your website attracts 5,000 visitors in August and 10 among those customers purchased after clicking the affiliate link. So, the conversion rate will be 0.2 percent.

The average affiliate conversion rate is around 0.5 percent to 1 percent. However, some affiliates have higher conversion rates. To earn a commission from the Amazon purchases, a consumer should place an order within 24 hours of visiting the Amazon website. Once the 24-hour window gets closed- or if the customer again enters Amazon through some other affiliate’s link, you will not earn any money from subsequent purchases.

Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing Platforms Right for you?

There are a lot of things to consider before signing up for Amazon Associates. If you have a site with the right content where you can add affiliate links, it can be an easy way to start earning extra income in the future. However, if you are designing a website from scratch to make it profitable through Amazon affiliate links, the procedure of launching a website and making it popular with product-related content and reviews can take some time. However, creating a niche site optimized with affiliate links also has the probability of earning profit in a short period.

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