What Should A Perfect Landing Page Have?

things in a landing page

A well-designed landing page can increase conversions of your personal computer or email marketing campaigns. Instead of directing visitors from those sources to your site, you can direct them to an informative and attractive landing page that guides them in exactly the way you want. But designing effective landing pages is not the same as designing an email newsletter or a website. There are a few essential things a landing page must have to achieve fruitful results. But, before getting into those must-haves, let us first understand what a landing page is and how to create a landing page design that converts.

What is a landing page?

In the world of digital marketing, a landing page, also known as “Lead capture page”, “destination page” is a web page. It is created mainly for advertising and marketing campaigns. This is where visitors land after clicking on a link provided in an email, Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, or any other places online. Killer landing pages are designed with a single goal or focus, known as call-to-action, (CTA).

Essential Things a Landing Page Must Have

Unique Selling Proposition

The initial point of a marketing campaign revolves around your capability to describe a point of differentiation. What is the special thing about your product or service that sets it apart from your competitors? You should communicate about this in a concise way on your landing page. Break down your offering to a basic level, to define the specific benefit your clients will get by purchasing your products/ services.

One of the biggest examples comes from “Domino’s Pizza.” Their landing page says, “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”

A well-constructed USP sets clear expectations for your clients and let them understand why they should be concerned. A USP can be broken into four elements, which collectively tells the story of your offering throughout the landing page:

Main headline- The above example of Domino’s is a perfect illustration of a page’s headline

Supporting headline- Sometimes, you might need a secondary headline (generally smaller in size) that offers some explanation about the primary headline.

Reinforcement statement &

Closing argument

  • Attractive headline

One of the essential things a landing page must have is a catchy headline. A headline is the first thing that audiences see when they visit a landing page. Writing an attractive headline will help avoid visitors from bouncing immediately and at the same time will encourage them to stay for a long time. No matter what you are advertising, your headline must possess these characters:

Clarity- Come right to the point. Explain your products and services clearly so that there are no doubts about what you offer.

Relevancy- The ad that sends visitors to your page must have a message match so that visitors do not get disappointed when they come to your page.

important things in a landing page
  • Effective content

Good, persuasive copy is important as it is one of the main methods to convey your message across your audience to convert- your USP, the benefits of your products or services, etc. Among which the following needs to be considered.

Amount- The volume of copy plays a significant role. Too much copy and your readers may feel overwhelmed and may leave your page without reading it fully. Too little and they may feel unsure about whether to go with your company or products. So, the volume of copy on your post-click landing page mainly differs on your offer.

Writing style- This is one of the essential things a landing must-have. Make your copy customer-centric so that it speaks to your visitors directly. Using words like “you” and “you’re” is a great method to show prospects that you are focused on offering a solution to their issues. Your copy should tell why your products or services are better than your competitors. While doing this, avoid words like “new and improved”, “innovative”, “cutting-edge” as these words will confuse your readers.

  • Benefits

The benefits of your business are one of the essential things a landing page must-have. Following the USP of your business is a detailed description of your offer’s features and benefits. By writing an effective headline, you were able to grab the attention of your customers, and now you must provide a little more detail about the offer. Try to answer the question, “What will this do for me?”, as this will assist you to write content that speaks directly to your consumer’s questions. While writing the benefits, try to use bullet points and make sure your landing page does not have too many texts. Wrote a small paragraph summary and use three to five bullet points.

  • Credentials

After you have made a few bold statements about how your business can help customers solve their problems, prove how you are certified to do it. A perfect landing page includes credentials that give authority to a person or business offering the products and services. These credentials must include industry recognition and awards, a list of experience, and results data. You can also include logos of those companies who have used your products and services.

  • Social Proof

In addition to sharing information that demonstrates your audience you know what you are doing, also include social proof. Social proof is something that helps your customers see that there are many people who are satisfied with your products or services. It may include reviews, social mentions, and testimonials. If possible, make your social proof more effective by including images of the person who has commented.

  • Engaging media

As we know most of the online users do not like to read a web page copy, what better method to get your info across than using some engaging media tools? You can incorporate these three types of media:

Images- post-click landing images should not simply look pretty. They must also be attractive, relevant, and help in the conversion procedure. Images on post-click landing pages can be utilized to accomplish various tasks, including:

things in a perfect landing page

To showcase your product or its features

o   To introduce workers or highlight users

o   To tell a story about your company

o   To attract audiences using a CTA action

  • Videos

Videos on post-clicking the landing pages are more effective compared to images. This is because research has proved that:

96% of customers find videos helpful while making online buying decisions.

58% of those customers consider companies that manufacture videos more reliable than those who do not.

  • A/B Testing Facilities

It is one of the most essential things a landing page must-have. All of us know the fact that there is no strict formula for creating a perfect landing page. Landing pages perform differently based on the audience, industry, and offerings. Small changes in content, font size, and images can result in drastic changes in the conversion rates. Once you start getting leads, that does not mean you should stop what you were doing. You must keep on adjusting and checking to see what changes can make your landing page more effective and result oriented. To test your work accurately and find the right landing page, use A/B testing tool that helps you to make slight adjustments and monitor the changes.

  • Inbound links

 The last in the list of essential things a landing page must have is inbound links. A perfect landing page is linked to other pages on your website. Adding right inbound links that direct to your landing page from other pages on your site will help your landing page to attain better SEO rankings. A page with more links is considered important by search engines. So, make sure you link other pages on your website to your landing page.

There is no one best post-click landing page design. The “best framework” is the one that results in the highest conversion rate. Different combinations of the post-click landing page elements produce different results for different businesses.

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