How to Increase the Number of Twitter Followers

how to increase twitter followers

Twitter is a free, fast, and effective way to promote a business. However, apart from posting content on social media platforms, there is much more in social media marketing. What is that? Increasing the number of brand followers. How many Twitter followers do you have? A higher follower count not only means more influence on your industry, but it also indicates that your leads, audience, and customers are interested in your content. But what are the ways to increase the number of Twitter followers?

As per Social Media statistics, about half of all the marketers cite Twitter as their social media network for engaging with consumers. Fast-moving and simple to use, Twitter is one of the simplest social media platforms used for growing from scratch.

Few Ways to increase the number of Twitter Followers

Be consistent

One of the important parts of Twitter’s effectiveness is being able to keep your brand’s name and message in front of your audiences. Postings something occasionally will not attract followers.  Further, whatever social media strategy you select, it is better to follow it until it gets results.

When compared to Instagram or Facebook, Twitter needs a more aggressive content strategy. Several studies prove that the “sweet spot” is anywhere between 3 to 7 tweets a day to increase engagement. There are some brands that tweet as often as 15 to 20 times a day, though, so here competitive and content analysis plays an important role. In Twitter, the key is not just to promote yourself. The possibilities for filling your content calendar seems endless. You can post tweets from your followers, relevant industry articles, breaking news, buzzworthy statistics, or personal updates. The list goes on. Posting your Twitter feed with fresh content is one of the best ways to increase the number of Twitter followers.

With the help of software, you can queue up your content without the need to tweet constantly in real-time. This will allow you to attract more and more new followers around the clock.  

Categorize your message based on the channel

What works on Twitter may not work on LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media channel. The kinds of messages you post must vary across networks and their frequency. For instance, you can post on Twitter for 10 to 15 times a day. However, you cannot follow the same process on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. If you do so, it might look unpleasant. To avoid this situation, spend some time learning about social media networks, their feature, and how to use each of them.

post twitter in the right time

Timing of the post

As far as timing of a post is concerned, posting your tweets when your target audience is sleeping will not help you attract new followers. According to research, brands generally see the most engagement during the weekdays in the late afternoons. While the numbers might vary based on your audience and time zone, deciding the time of your tweet is also one of the important ways to increase the number of Twitter followers. Finding how to get more Twitter followers does not mean sitting in front of your screen for nine hours a day, either. Ideally, brands should schedule their tweets to hit the right timings when their target users are more active and tweet in real-time at short intervals throughout the day.

Posting Visual Content

As you know, tweets containing visual content gets more likes retweets, and shares than those tweets that do not have any visuals. Brands should strive to couple their tweets with an accompanying image. Though there is nothing wrong with text-based tweets, images are poised to stop the audience and encourage them to have a look at your twitter post. Nowadays, coupling a tweet with a GIF has become a common practice. Meanwhile, infographics are shared more often compared to other kinds of images on Twitter. If you have got some interesting data to share with your users, go for it. No matter whether you want to inform or entertain your audience, filling your Twitter feed with visual content can attract more and more followers.

 Include social media follow buttons

It is a great idea to include social media follow buttons, if possible, on every page of your site as well as in your emails. Users can visit your website and through social media buttons, they can follow you on social media.

Answer your followers

When you get some comments, queries, or mentions, try to respond to them. This is one of the important ways to deepen your connections with your followers. Responding to them also helps in building trust.

Use relevant hashtags appropriately

Twitter is known to be the king of hashtags. Hashtags help people find the right content on those topics in which they have an interest. The use of hashtags on other social media channels can be helpful, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Always keep in mind that your audience wants to see real content, nit too many hashtags.

Consider hashtags as a medium to make your Twitter posts searchable, almost like SEO for your Twitter account. Several studies have found that tweets with at least one hashtag attract 12.6% more engagement compared to those that do not have hashtags.

using right hashtags

Using a couple of hashtags to any tweet is one of the fastest ways to increase the likelihood of new Twitter followers finding your account. Also, doing so just takes a couple of seconds and there are a lot of hashtags to select from.

Optimize your Twitter profile for new followers

Considering up to 15% of tweets are thought to be bots, brands must do everything that they can to prove that they are human, and not robots. Along with a diverse content strategy, there are few important steps to make your twitter profile friendly to new followers.

  • A clean and clear photo. It is always better to keep an unobstructed facial photo.
  • Use relevant tags, location information, and industry keywords. In short, your profile must be “complete” through defining what you do, your title, which brands you work with, and from where you operate.
  • A taste of your personality. Giving your followers a taste of who you are is always a plus point.

Make it simple for others to share your content

Most of your followers are not going to copy and paste your URL to their own social media profiles. In such a scenario what you should do is make it easy and simple for them to share your content. How to do that? Include social share links on your website or blog. This will make the whole process of sharing something on social media channels very easy and hassle-free.

Make use of your statistics to identify popular topics and posts

One of the biggest disappointments in social media is not having an idea of which post will go viral and which will not. One of the best ways to avoid this disappointing situation is always posted relevant, helpful content for your target audience. Your website and social media statistics can help you find out which posts are popular, and which are not. Accordingly, you can make changes in your social media plan and posts.

By following these ways to increase the number of Twitter followers you will definitely see the number of followers increasing at an alarming rate.

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