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What Type of Blog Should You Write to Boost Traffic?


Content is just like a meal. Nobody eats the same type of meal again and again. In the same manner, if you keep on writing and publishing the same kind of content, your readers may choose another blog to read. To avoid this what you need is a proper content strategy.

We understand you work extremely hard on each blog post you write. Word by word, each line to write a perfect blog. You even use shareable images, break them into small paragraphs, and follow the best marketing process. But still, you do not get the traffic, leads, and shares as expected. It is because your readers are not liking your blogs.

What is the solution? It is simple. Just follow a content strategy and write the content that your audience wants.

With over 500 million blogs out there trying to get attention from audiences, it is getting difficult to stand out. These days, for a blog to be successful, it takes much more than using shareable images or writing clickbait headlines. While these are important, curating blogs that attract the right types of audiences needs careful ideation, outreach, and optimization.

But, before we get into the types of blog posts that can deliver results and the right content strategy you must follow, let us first talk about search intent. Search intent is the “why” behind a certain search.

Each kind of search falls into one or more intention types:

ü  Informational intent- The user wants to learn something. While this kind of search typically includes words like “what is”, “how-to”, or “who”, not all informational searches are asked as questions.

ü  Navigational intent- The user wants to visit a particular site. People would instead ask a search engine rather than typing a full web address in the URL bar as they may not be sure about the exact site.

ü  Commercial investigation- The user has the intention to purchase but is still researching. People performing these kinds of searches need more information about the products and services that they want to buy. Some of the common search queries include “ 

ü  Transactional intent- A transactional intent usually means the search user is ready to make a purchase. They are looking for a site to buy the product. Typical search queries include “spa package”, buy Android Phone”. 

By understanding the intent behind each search, you can optimize your blogs as per the right search term. And when the right type of user finds your content, your blog will start generating relevant traffic.

right content marketing stratgy

Now, let us explore the types of blogs that the popular marketing influencers are using right now that have helped them get a lot of traffic.

Different Content Strategy You Must Follow

Infographics- Infographics are quite popular. According to a study made by Unbounce, it was revealed that in just 2 years, searches for infographics rose by 800%. You can use them to make your blogs top-notch while creating an active community.

All of us live in an age of “big data”, which means there is so much to learn from data more than previously. When it comes to content marketing strategy, using visuals will make your brand unique.

Its name makes things clear: info+ graphics make infographics.

Readers love to read infographics and many of them feel obliged to share them on their social media accounts. Why?

Because an infographic is a visual marketing tool. Most of the information that our brain processes are visual. Also, about 40% of people relate better to information that is represented visually compared to plain text.

Tutorials and How-to’s- With nearly 80% of all Google searches being informational, tutorial posts and how-tos are a must for any blog, no matter whatever is your niche or industry. It is an important content strategy that you should follow.

Since the motto of tutorials or how-to-guide is to solve a problem of a user, readers of your blog will be more interested to invest in your products or services.

How-to articles are the easiest ways to connect with your readers and determine credibility while showing your expertise. To boost the effectiveness of these kinds of blog ideas, make sure you include visuals like videos and images in your articles.

Not only do visuals help in enriching the content, but they also help readers comprehend the information offered in a much better way. Readers also seem to be more willing to act when the content is simple to process.

Write long list posts- Writing long posts is the best content strategy to follow. List posts are the best, but here we are talking about long list posts. These are the ones that:

·         Show your expertise.

·         Attract the reader’s attention by their long list of numbers.

·         Are super-informative.

·         Are easy to read.

Trends & Predictions- The virtuosity of writing blogs on future trends is that you can display your industry knowledge and expertise. As readers are always searching for information or advice about the upcoming market trend, prediction posts can generate more responses and even inspire debates.

According to a statistic by Hubspot, few people who daily read blogs do so because they want to learn about a company’s products and services. Generally, people read blogs for these reasons:

ü  To know something new

ü  To keep themselves entertained

ü  To keep themselves updated about upcoming trends in the industry.

And as far as content formats are concerned, around 47% of bloggers have found trendy pieces to be quite popular among their audiences. Prediction and trend post ideas are just outpaced by lists as well as “how-to” articles.

Interviews- It is a content strategy that must be followed especially if you are taking interviews. This type of blog is a great addition to any blog because it differentiates your website’s blog content and reduces the pressure of content creation. Interview posts allow a brand to:

ü  Grow its influence

ü  Widen its network

ü  Increase authority

ü  Generate a large number of quality backlinks

ü  Differentiate its blog content

As an important influencer outreach tool, interview posts are unquestionably powerful. With nearly 69% of customers distrusting traditional ads, collaborative content like interview posts helps your brand to reach as well as naturally connect with customers.

If your blog is new and you are not able to get influencers for interviewing, then consider writing professional round-up blogs. It is found that influencers love to participate in round-up posts as this acts as an opportunity for them to show their expertise.

 Ultimate guides- Ultimate guides are one of the most definitive types of blogs one can write. These kinds of long-form blogs usually exceed 3,000 words. Some guides are even more than 10,000 words.

boost traffic with content marketing strategy

So, why won’t you try writing a long, detailed blog? Here are some of the major benefits of writing ultimate guides.

o   Generate evergreen content that generates traffic the whole year

o   Places you and your brand in the form of a  subject matter expert

o   Offers your brand marketing campaign assets

o   Grows keywords opportunities

o   Get more and more social shares, increases content engagement

Regardless of the niche or topics, long-form content surpasses shorter blogs. As per a study done by Brian Dean, a blog that has more than 3,000 words had nearly 77.2% more referring domains compared to short blogs. Moreover, long contents get rewarded with high-ranking positions too. Long blogs receive 3x more traffic than short blog posts.


By following the right content strategy, writing for the right search intent, and including best SEO practices, your blog will gain more and more opportunities to appear at the top of the search results. More visibility in search means an increase in organic traffic.

Once you publish your blog, let others know about it. Promoting the content is another important content strategy to follow. This can be done by sharing your blogs on social media, participating in various forums like Reddit, contacting influencers, and Facebook advertising.

If you have not started writing these types of blogs, then, it is high time to start. Do let us know in the comment section how your traffic increased after writing these types of blogs. 

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