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4 Fascinating YouTube Marketing Tips to Start Earning

affiliate marketing strategies to earn money

Your YouTube video crossed 10,000 views organically and received a lot of positive feedback from the viewers. The fanfare and exposure from the very first hit have left you surprised. You may be thinking:

  • Is it possible to earn money on YouTube?
  • Do you have sufficient “talent” to create another hit video?
  • Can you generate enough money to earn a living through YouTube?

The answer to all these questions is, most possibly, a YES.

But how:

By following YouTube marketing strategies.

Don’t you have to compete with millions of professional filmmakers, media houses, musicians, and small businesses? Yes, you are.

 But you just need to find your group of true fans who will like and love the videos you make. In this article, we are sharing a few effective ways using which you can make money on YouTube. They include both advanced as well as simple strategies.

Wherever there is a customer, there is a chance to sell. Whether it is on TV, entertainment venues, at railway stations, in magazines. And, yes, of course, on YouTube. Great YouTube content is more than a mere chance to show expertise and create build awareness: Also, it is an opportunity to earn some money by marketing on behalf of some other company. So, let us get started and find out what YouTube marketing strategies can help you earn money. But before that let us first understand what affiliate marketing is.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you promote a product or service in your content and return earn a commission. YouTube marketing is a similar thing, but, yes, as the name suggests it is specific to YouTube.

This video-streaming platform is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. Hundreds of thousands of videos are viewed on YouTube each second. The audience is huge, which means an enormous opportunity to earn money with YouTube Affiliate Marketing.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

It is not as simple as linking products in your YouTube video description and expect a payment every time that ultimately leads to a sale. First, you must set up an affiliate marketing program. Thousands of businesses have affiliate programs ranging from Target to Nordstrom, Amazon, Microsoft, and several others.

Once you sign up, they will provide an affiliate link. This unique URL must be included in your content. It will help retailers keep a track of the sales that come right away from your content. Every time somebody clicks on your unique affiliate link, it will lead to a purchase, you earn a commission, generally in the form of a percentage of the sale.

You can also look at some of the larger YouTube marketing networks like Clickfunnels, Affiliate, and Impact. These networks will help you connect with those merchants who are interested in paying a commission every time they get a sale from your content.

YouTube affiliate marketing

The larger your customer base, the better are the chances that your affiliate links will get clicked and ultimately lead to a sale. It is worth noting that there is a specific art to affiliate marketing. You must choose the products and services that you will promote cautiously. They must be appropriate to your niche and the kind of content you develop.

If for example, you create unboxing videos of customer electronics, you would not like to be an affiliate marketer for gardening equipment.

Ways to earn money using YouTube Marketing

YouTube Monetization- Using affiliate links on YouTube Marketing affiliate links can be a huge earning opportunity for those channels that provide in-depth tutorials and perceptive product reviews. For instance, if you recommend any product and a user clicks the link to buy, you will start to earn commissions. You must keep these lines in the first few lines of the description and talk about your link in the content.

Posting affiliate links on YouTube shares a normal resemblance to promoting the affiliate links on the blog. Therefore, you must not use affiliate links across the YouTube content for the sake of earning money. Do not forget that the customers will follow these links only when they believe that you are a trusted resource.

To establish trust with your customer, help them to solve issues, and offer tutorials. As a bonus, you can make videos that provide solutions you have earlier achieved yourself.

Become a YouTube Partner and earn money- For several YouTubers, ads are regarded as the most important revenue source. Being a YouTube Partner, you earn money in various ways. You can earn money from ads before your channel membership, Google AdSense banner ads, and videos.

However, there are a few basic rules to check before becoming a certified YouTube Partner and some prerequisites required to begin.  Apart from following the ad rules by YouTube, you must collect a minimum of 4,000 video watch hours on your channels in 12 months and have around 1,000 subscribers.

There is no specific time or format to achieve these basic 4,000 hours. You can attain 100 hours each for every 40 videos or you can use any combination to make the total to 4,000.

Earn money on YouTube by collecting money from fans- If you have created a following of loyal fans, supporting them to crowdfund your channel can help support your new videos and profit. A platform named Patreon discovers more seamlessness to the procedure of getting money for your content.

For as low as a dollar, your fans can make subscriptions to their most favorite channels and even earn some exclusive rewards from their beloved content creators.

earn money using YouTube

Make maximum profit from your YouTube marketing funnel- Optimize your YouTube channel for maximum sales. Select your niche, become a YouTube partner, and start to plan your marketing funnel.

YouTube is one of the best ways to spread your message, but you can earn more money by using YouTube in harmony with a blog. This way you will be able to collect more email addresses and ultimately will be able to sell products to your fan base.

For instance, if you create a blog about an affiliate product that you are proposing, repurpose that content and make a YouTube video inserted in the post. Then, send the users from YouTube back to the blog and affiliate links to earn money and create new blog readers. Another easiest option is to connect your channel to an eCommerce platform like sell merch and Shopify.

From Where Could We Find Those Opportunities? 

Amazon is a big one. It is an easy one that many like to use. So, you can start with Amazon if you are new to affiliate links. Other sources you can check include,,, and They are like affiliate networks or houses that house various brands inside. Therefore, you can find the targets inside these networks. So, once you get approved for their service, you can start applying to different ones.

How Does the Payment Work?

Another important thing most of us are not sure about is how does the payment work in YouTube marketing. Many of us are not sure about the payout percentage and how these people keep a track of the customers who click on these links.

Every time somebody clicks on any of your special tracking affiliate links, a small cookie is inserted insider that individual’s computer to keep a track of what they bought. The best thing about a cookie is, once you link it to a certain item, there is no need to buy that product.

If they buy anything from the website, you will get a commission. So, customers can click on your affiliate link and cookie and then decide not to buy from that, but purchase some other things, still, you get paid commission from it.

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