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Reasons to Use PPC as a Content Marketing Tool

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is generally associated with driving traffic to the sales pages. After all, most of us want customers to convert on those pages and purchase our products and services. One of the more uncommon uses of PPC ads is for content discovery. Content marketing can be difficult and complex. Creating the type of content that individuals find interesting can take a long time and a huge amount of work. Once you have created it, you want everyone to read your content and link it with your company. Organic strategies can take a long time before generating huge traffic, but PPC can help in that procedure to produce more results in very less time. Here, we are discussing some of the major benefits of using PPC ads.

Benefits of Using PPC Ads


You can control your bids and restrict your spending on most of the platforms. For some of the keywords in the market that are not saturated, the bids can be incredibly low. In such situations, you should manage your PPC campaign, mainly the budget part, to ensure that it is used in the right way. Even if you are competing for costly keywords, attaining the top spot can be worth the cash. People are probably to click on those results that come above the fold, which includes ads. If there is too much traffic on your site, there are high chances that your content will be seen by many and readers will engage with you.

Get results within a short time

One of the major benefits of using PPC ads is they give instant results. It is easy to set up a campaign in most of the cases, like on Google Ads, and you can roll out an ad in a few minutes.  Once the ad is live, it will start appearing in the related search results. Above that, you can adjust your targeting to attract certain audiences. You can target people who will be interested in reading your content and likely to engage with your brand.

Easily adjustable

Unlike most of the other marketing tactics, you can change a PPC and start seeing results within a few days. If you come to know that your ad is not performing the way you believed it would if you think a different landing page will work in a better way, or if your customer behavior changes, you can easily adjust the ads to line up with your requirements.

PPC ads benefits

Tracking abilities

Most of the PPC platforms will track different metrics. They will record thongs like click-through rate, cost-per-click, impressions, and many others to help you decide the success of your ads.

Your content should contain keywords related to your industry and business. It is important that you make use of the right keywords-those that are industry-related, that are frequently searched keywords, and the ones that are within your budget.  This will require some research.

Ad accounts

Google is the most common search engine, so often marketers prefer Google ads. But it does not mean that you should ignore other search engines that have less traffic- you must decide if it is worth your money and time to manage several ads. Ensure that you have an account and that you have played around with it and feel comfortable using it.

Know your audience and where they spend most of their time, set the budget, and make sure your content is pertinent to your audience. BY doing so, you will surely generate traffic through PPC ads and, it will benefit your company.

PPC ads Attract people towards your brand

Several studies have shown that paid ads can help in driving clicks to the organic listing. This is so because people who look at paid ads will more likely remember your company when they conduct a search in the future. Basically, having two listings on one page will enhance your click-through rate by making the searcher bias towards your brand. This could theoretically make your company appear more reliable. Brand affinity significantly increases the CTR of repeat visitors too. Several researchers have found that it is much cheaper to keep a current customer than attain a new one.

Get Content Insights from PPC Keyword Data

One of the vital benefits of using PPC ads is it helps in finding the content insights. If there is a single feature shared by PPC and SEO campaign, it is keywords. Leverage your PPC keyword data to find out which keywords can bring you the highest revenue and traffic. You can even copy and analyze which ones are performing well and apply it to your organic content campaign. You must use commercial intent keywords in the content while promoting your products and services to customers.

advantages of using PPC ads

Branded keywords are successful and have a high CTR compared to several other standard keywords. Group your keyword strategy all together and you must transfer the success of a campaign to the other. You must do A/B testing to find which keyword is doing well in each campaign.

PPC ads are measurable

With PPC ads, you can measure your return on advertising pay easily. You can track which ad, keyword, or ad placement are driving maximum return. For tracking the number of conversions, you must install conversion tracking software. You can make use of these metrics to make the right decisions about the PPC advertising campaign.

PPC ad formats are better compared to organic listings

As far as PPC ads are concerned, it has plenty of options that will help you to generate positive results. These options will help you to add more value to the searchers. Some of the examples would be the capability to install site links, customer reviews, and call tracking on your PPC ads.  

PPC ads do not depend on SEO and Google Algorithm alterations

Unlike organic listings, PPC advertising is not that much dicey. Your success is not dependent on the Google algorithm changes, or on the optimization of your website. PPC ad is more of a number game. The main numbers to look at is the amount of money which you are spending, and the total return which you are receiving.

PPC works well with various other marketing channels

Content marketing has taken over the world of online marketing and content calendars and plans are the standards in most of the businesses now. With investment in creating real and unique content to support the consumer purchasing cycle and determine thought leadership positioning, Google Ads is an engine that can attract visitors towards the content faster and boost the ROI on your content investment.  

SEO and PPC work well together as the opportunities and impressions for traffic are generally to the same customer- people using Google to find products, services, and information. The performance data of clicks, conversions, and impressions from Google Ads can offer great insight as well as direction on a keyword basis for where to prioritize the SEO efforts.

On the contrary side, organic traffic performance data as well as SEO strategy can also recommend PPC if the data is accessible. All of this helps to align with content marketing and makes sure that the efficiencies are earned on certain rules or audiences you choose.

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