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Ways to Promote your Instagram Page for Creating Brand Awareness

1. Set objectives- Definitely, you have a business plan for your business. You also have a marketing plan for your advertising tactics. And you must have a social media strategy along with achievable goals for your Instagram. Your objectives are something that you need to explain before you even start. There are a few questions that you must ask yourself:

  • What are your follower objectives for the month?
  • What are your yearly objectives?
  • What is your target engagement?

If you are not sure about the answers, then it is better to consult a digital marketing agency. They can give you a better idea of what you can expect with regards to follower engagement and growth.

2. Username- Choose the right username that is easy to search, simple and can be read easily. If your username spells something else, you can always capitalize the first letter of every word, use some punctuation marks and choose something else.  If the desired username is not available, try to mix up the words or separate them using some punctuation.

It is vital to be consistent. If your Instagram name does not match your business name, it is better to change the name. Also, it should match your username on other social media channels to make your brand easily recognizable across different channels. Selecting a clear username can assist your followers and potential clients remember who you are. And they will associate your Instagram with your company.

3. Select a bio- This is the place where you need to add a short intro, location, your website, and any other info which you feel is important for your customers. The challenge is you will get 150 characters. Some other important components that you can include are links of your online store, recipes, or events. You can post several links with link tree or other sites that direct readers to a list of various links.

4. Hashtags- Believe it or not, hashtags are important for the survival of your business on Instagram. Hashtags permit other users to find your posts and page. This, in turn, can help grow the number of your followers. Hashtags pull up categories with the recent posts. Here are a few tips that you can follow to promote your Instagram page with hashtags.

  • Get creative by making your own hashtag and making your followers use it
  • Make use of relevant hashtags. Instagram uses hashtags in order to categorize their content. There is no need to hashtag everything and it is not mandatory that you must use 30 hashtags.

For instance, if you are a restaurant posting on Instagram, you would want to make use of local food hashtags. If your post is regarding eggs, then using hashtags with “eggs” is not going to help.

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