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What are the Top Benefits of Email Marketing?

Are you aware of the benefits of email marketing and how it can help in improving the sales of your business?

For small businesses, deciding where to spend your money is a serious thing. You want to generate new leads while engaging your customers, but you need to ensure that the digital marketing tactics you are utilizing are cost-effective and result oriented.

So, how to do this? The answer is Email Marketing.

Though email marketing has been around since a while, it continues to attract vital results for various small businesses across the nation.

As a matter of fact, since the last few years, email marketing strategies have increased in popularity. The companies are no longer concentrating on promotions and discounts only. What they focus now are content that matters to their customers, re-engagement campaigns, shopping integration, and much more.

Even with the increasing popularity of various other marketing platforms like social media, email marketing has always been one of the best ways to reach as well as engage more and more target audience. Here, we have covered some of the major benefits of email marketing and explain how they help in improving conversion, revenue, and lead generation.

  • Your audience checks their email regularly

How many times do you open your email on a mobile device or your computer? Whether it is personal or work-related, most of the people check their email at least one time in a day to see what messages they have received. To be specific, they check their email 20 times a day. And around 68.9% of these recipients open the marketing messages utilizing their mobile phones 2 to 3 days in a week. This shows that email marketing offers small businesses the advantage of getting in front of their target audience daily.

  • Have more conversions with email marketing

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that it offers high conversion rates when compared to other marketing tactics. According to the McKinsey report, the average value of an email is nearly 3 times higher than the average order value of various social media posts. After developing an effective communication strategy, your business can attract more conversions through email marketing. By crafting well-described emails that have a clear call-to-action, your brand can encourage the readers to take the next step in the consumer’s journey, bringing them closer to conversion.

  • Email marketing is more cost-effective

Email marketing is relatively economical compared to other traditional marketing tactics like print media and direct mail. While these traditional marketing tactics need you to spend huge amounts of money on buying the advertising space and on printing, email marketing needs fewer resources and time.  Moreover, email marketing also offers a good return on investment (ROI).

  • With email marketing, you can automate the sales cycle

Email marketing automation helps automate the sales cycle. Your business can make use of email automation tools to create email drip campaigns, which send email messages automatically to people on a fixed schedule, helping you to develop automatic touch points with clients.

Also, you can set up automation campaigns to prompt certain messages when a customer takes an action on your site. For example, if the customer visits your pricing page but then leaves your website, you can reach out to them by using an automated message to make sure that they do not have any further queries.

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