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Ways to Get Comments Flowing to your Blog

Having a fixed flow of comments on your posts indicates it’s a healthy blog. It will not only boost your authority; blog commenters can also offer valuable feedback on how to improve your website. If you are thinking about how to get more and more comments on your blog, then you are in the right place. In this post, we discuss ways to get comments on your blog.  But, first, let me share the significance of an active community of commenters on your blogs.

Why are blog comments significant?

A lot of bloggers like to attract their readers involved with the growth of their website. But, apart from their ability to generate useful insights from community, blog comments also have many other long-term advantages.

  • Enhanced organic traffic- Several studies have proved that keywords in the comment section can potentially attract organic search traffic. They are not as effective as the keywords placed in other content elements, but always keep in mind that authentic comments are always free.
  • Foster a lively community- Successful blogging is something more than simply publishing online content. It is also about creating a driven community that helps in spreading brand awareness and advertise your blogs.
  • Create credibility for your brand- Having thousands of comments on your blog will elevate your authority in your role. This will make visitors confident about your products and services.
  • Create evergreen value- Keeping the discussion going long after publishing the post can help in maintaining the relevance of the page in the future. Of course, you can continue the engagement by answering questions and exchanging new ideas with your readers.
  • Decide your next post- In certain scenarios, reader input can also be refined into various topic ideas you can cover in the coming posts in the future. The more comments your content attracts, the more likely it is to find suggestions that can be converted into topics. Now, you are all set to take the steps that will make your readers comment on your blogs.

a) Use a conversational writing tone- The first important rule to maximize reader engagement is to write a top-notch content, but that is an obvious reason. What you need to do is make small adjustments in the inclusive tone of your writing. By now, you must be knowing that different bloggers have a different style of writing. Some of them love to keep it professional and avoid any kind of colloquial speech, whereas there are also bloggers who prefer a friendly tone while writing.

b) Use CTA s in your conclusion- Speaking about addressing your readers, the “conclusion” is the right section to ask for comments from your readers. Another important thing, in fact, the most important thing to remember while blogging is always, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

There is no such rule as every time you must come up with something clever when you write a conclusion. You can simply ask your readers to leave a comment. Another way to attract blog commenters is to ask a final question by the end of your post. It must be something that they can answer using the info you provided.

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