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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business?

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A digital marketing strategy plays a significant role in the overall marketing strategy of a business. Small business marketing for a local company can include several offline local advertising methods but needs to include a healthy part of digital marketing strategies to be successful and increase sales. A small business that is doing its business online needs to embrace digital marketing strategies that help online users view it. There are several areas of digital marketing that are of interest to small businesses. Some of them are important to offline, local businesses, whereas others are more effective for online businesses. Several businesses engage in different areas of small business marketing online. But, before we see the best marketing strategies for small businesses, let us understand one thing.

Marketing Strategy is not a Magic

The objective of marketing is to connect your business’ value to the correct customer base. It is a simple concept but can take on different shades.

  • What are the demographics that make up your consumer base?
  • Where do they reside?
  • Where do they spend their time online?
  • How do they search for products or services in your niche?
  • Who do they listen to while making decisions relative to your products or services?

The answers to these questions will help you to find the best marketing strategies for small businesses.  In simple words, the key to success for your business is not just Facebook Ads. It is not even SEO, not conference networking also.

There is no magical or universal strategy that will transform your business. Nobody has any clue what will work for you because no one knows you, your business, and your customers. But luckily, you do know your business and customers. After reading this blog on the Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses, you will get an idea about the different marketing channels, any of which could help you to attain success in the future.

So, let us get started.

digital marketing strategies for small businesses

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

It is important for you to understand how a marketing strategy differs from a marketing strategy before implementing any of these at your business.

A marketing strategy can be defined as a plan for reaching a certain marketing-related objective in a focused and achievable manner. It considers what your business is at present doing and what you are missing about the objective you have fixed, so you are more likely to attain it.

Many people think that marketing tactics and marketing strategies are the same as these two terms are most of the time used interchangeably. However, both are different.

Difference between Marketing Statistics and Marketing Tactics

As we discussed above, a strategy is an attainable and focused set of steps to help you reach a certain objective. Marketing or not, there are three parts of a strategy. First, a diagnosis of your challenge. Second, a guiding policy for handling the challenge. Third, a set of targeted actions that are required to attain the policy.

Based on the scale of your business, your marketing strategy may include various moving parts, each with different objectives. Working on your marketing strategy can be a daunting task. So, if you are at times feeling overwhelmed about your digital marketing strategy, refer to these steps mentioned below. These will help you to focus on attaining your goals.

Marketing tactics are specific actions of any type, are the specific actions you select to take throughout your strategy to assist you to reach your end objective. In simple words, a strategy is your ultimate destination- it is the realistic, focused plan for reaching the target. Tactics are definable and concrete steps within your marketing strategy that ensure you reach your goal.

Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Facebook Advertising

Nearly two million smalls to medium-sized businesses advertise on Facebook; it is an effective and inexpensive method to market virtually.

Facebook ads excel at improved targeting. They permit you to target a specific customer based on interests, location, sex, location, online behavior, and several other factors. Creating Facebook ads is quite easy. You just need a solid headline, a descriptive copy, an image, and a link.

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Facebook Ads Manager also makes it quite simple to run and test several ad sets, permitting you to refine in on a winning formula and reach profit without requiring any advanced technical expertise.

Many new users face a lot of difficulty in achieving success with their initial campaigns. It demands dedication, but on the other side, Facebook’s popularity has generated many 3rd party tools that can help you to achieve success. If you believe that Facebook is the right channel for you, experts suggest using a tool like for example, AdEspresso to run your campaigns and fasten up your journey to high ROI.

If you run a business that has a powerful visual component, it might be worth trying Instagram Ads. As Facebook’s subsidiary, Instagram Ads gain benefits from the same database and targeting choices while allowing you to connect with an audience that is better prepared for visual sales.

Google My Business

Ranking your Google My Business listing is one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses. In fact, if you run a local business that targets local clients, then it is the best strategy you have. If you can rank your GMB listing in the top 3 positions, then you can attract many highly qualified leads without the need to spend money on ads.

Google My Business merges all your different Google platforms into one main place, which includes your Google Maps profile, Google + profile, Google reviews, access to data on Google Analytics, Google Insights, and much more. 

If you want visibility and credibility for your business, Google My Business is the right option for you. And above all, ranking your GMB listing is not that difficult. You just need to optimize your profile and collect citations and reviews.

Search engine marketing

This part of marketing is important for a small business. It gives you a chance to compete with big companies by improving your visibility in the search engine. As people use search engines to find products and services both locally and online, it is vital that your business places high in search results for words related to what you are selling. Professional online marketing companies provide this service under the name of Search Engine Optimization. It ensures that your site is visible to those who are looking for your product while using a search engine.

digital marketing strategies for business

Social Media Marketing

Using social media for business is non-negotiable. About 67% of customers use social media for customer support, and nearly 35% prefer social media rather than telephone. If people cannot find your business on social media, they will look for your competitors who have a good social media presence.

The question is not whether you should have an active social media account or not, it is how much resources and time you should invest in growing your social media audiences. For some businesses, it makes sense to invest heavily in organic social media growth.

Content Marketing

This online marketing strategy revolves around providing prospective customer info about your products or services, as well as information in general. Everyone is trying to sell, but those who can inform are likely to attain sales. People will attribute a specific level of expertise to a company and this encourages confidence in the customer. In the past, guidebooks and printed brochures were used in content marketing. Nowadays, it is done with articles and several other forms of information on a company’s website.

If you own a small business, you must consider these digital marketing strategies. Create a plan and combine it with your marketing efforts. Some of these will be more effective, based on your business.

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