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Top Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Facebook

No one would have thought in 2004 that Facebook would reach where it is today. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users and nearly 1.5 billion regular active users, Facebook is an important part of everybody’s lives. This is a trend which is not going to change soon as we continue to ride the waves of the information era.

Facebook is regarded as one of the best online advertising channels, and digital ad spend accounts for a huge 51% of overall advertising spend in the U.S. Facebook has witnessed a steady increase in advertising revenue year over year since the last decade as Facebook ads work. Facebook ads will work for you too if you take enough time to master the art that is developing highly efficient Facebook ads.

In June 2018, about 55.1% of the world’s population had access to the internet, so the potential for growth in Facebook became high and into the future as more people get internet access and join Facebook. The internet and Facebook will continue to be the best method for you to connect with consumers and generate sales through ads.

  • Simple set-up process and fast results

Setting up a Facebook campaign does not take too much time and can yield excellent results for a business. We cannot deny the truth that online advertising produces a great ROI and it can happen fast with the right product and campaign. That is why you see Facebook advertisements for both large and small local businesses.

Any of us can log on to Facebook and make a business manager account, create a payment method and publish a campaign in a few minutes. You can even experiment with your campaign to find the lowest possible cost per lead through various ad creation tools.

You can boost a post to reach users directly from a Facebook page, or you can create a complex campaign that focuses on the custom audience and produces great results with the business manager.

  • You can reach your target audience

We have already touched on just how many individuals use Facebook regularly, so is it a surprise that it is a great way to reach your right audience? Facebook offers tons of ways to reach specific people based on their personal likings, their behaviour on the website, engagement with your Facebook page, and other different elements of their demographics like gender, location, and age. You can create granular audiences that generate high ROI with Facebook ads.

With the available targeting options and the influence Facebook has on consumer behaviour, Facebook is the right channel for reaching your right audience.

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns are customizable

You can construct the right ad experience utilizing Facebook ads. Contrary to another popular name in the online ad space, Google, your Facebook ad experience can be made to target your right audience. This is so because Facebook has a wide variety of ad formats to select from.

You can create an attractive video ad that idealistic dog owners cannot stop watching, or an immersive canvas ad for the senior citizen dog owners that define every detail and benefit of your dog food product, for instance.

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