Tips to Create an Effective Ad

The quality of your ads can make or break your ad campaigns. In fact, the perfect placements of a poor ad will never generate the ROI you want. Whether you are new to online advertising or want to improve your current campaigns then, keep on reading this. Here, you will come to know about tips that will help you to create effective ads.

Ways to optimize Ad Text

Effective ad text is a mix of relevant, compelling, simple and specific content. With the perfect language, ads quickly grab the attention of the audience and convince them to act on the respective ad at that moment. Consider the following when you write your ad text:

  • Write attractive headlines. Deliver a clear and right message for attracting the audience.
  • Make use of your avatar’s language. Consider the demographics like gender and age to connect with your audience in the same manner that they speak.
  • Address them in a direct way. Words like “your”, “you” are some of the powerful ways to convey a direct message.
  • Keep it short and simple. Say more with less in order to be clear and loud to your audience.
  • Put stress on value. Share the benefits of your unique selling point in order to encourage action.

Engaging Call to Action

Engaging CTA’s are attractive entry points that make the audience click on the ads. A great Call to action is clear and ultra-concise while delivering excitement. A short-lived action-oriented, persuasive phrase results in high click-through rates.

Tips for great images

The main role of an ad image is to make the audience stop and have a look at it. Attractive images attract maximum attention. This maximizes the chance of sharing your ad text and Call to Action. There are some cases in which the image alone is attractive enough to encourage the right action. Use the following tips to review your imagery:

  1. Characterize your target audience. Images should match with the demographics of your avatar, like occupation, age, and interests.
  2. Say more things with fewer words. Keep it simple by focusing on a single attractive image.
  3. Be choosy with colour as the colour you choose will convey emotion and tone.
  4. Make use of functional white space. It is a fantastic way to avoid clutter.
  5. Consider animation. New-age advertisements make use of animation in order to make a memorable impression.

Best Practices for video ads

The video started to rise in 2015 and took over in 2017. Its effect only continues to expand. In 2019, nearly 80% of all the internet traffic became video.  With billions of dollars being invested in the video ads, here is what you should know to make sure that your investment is worth:

  1. First few seconds are important. The average span of user attention has dropped from 12 to 8 second since the past few years. You must attract the audience fast.
  2. Keep the most significant information at first. You have very less time to convey your message. So, the most exciting part of your video should be in front.
  3. Communicate with your audience. Just like ad text and imagery, make use of audience demographics to make sure that the video speaks directly to your target audience.
  4. Include brand mentions and logos. One of the major benefits of video is the opportunity to spread brand awareness.

Just like digital advertising and user behaviour continues to evolve, similarly should your ads. Persuasive, memorable, and simple ads can generate a higher ROI. You can find out which ad is effective by doing an A/B testing that will improve your results.

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