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Is It Necessary to Spend Money to Attract Customers?

Building a blog is difficult but ask yourself, “Is there any method to build a blog without spending any money? Those bloggers who do not have any money to spend on paid marketing will be shocked to know that there are some marketing methods that do not cost a single penny. They are not just effective in attracting clients, but also have a great return rate compared to paid alternatives.

Let’s start at…

Where to find new opportunities

There is a list of places summarized where people are looking for problem-solving content. There are places where people go for finding the right kind of content. Studies have proved that among different kinds of content, problem-solving content is the right type of content. Next, it is significant you are solving a huge problem within your niche as bigger the problem, the greater is the chance of higher engagement. Statistically, these places are great to post answers with a link back to your blog.

  • Niche forums
  • Groups in Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit

These places are all free of cost and won’t cost you any money for registration.


This strategy must be used with email marketing as your objective is to re-market them through the follow-ups. Not to discuss, email marketing is one of the best ways to market for free of cost as once visitors are on the email list, it is as simple as sending a message directly to the inbox. Next, forming an eBook is free as it is something you make for them on your own. It is your total experience in PDF format that they can download in return for their email address.

Here’s the best strategy…

Give them value in your eBook as per your niche. Do proper research, find out what your visitors want, then give all for FREE.

Family & Friends

All of us have family and friends in various industries, which you must use for outreach. This is very effective as they are more than interested to help get the word out for free of cost and, they know other people who are relevant to your niche too.


Spreading the word out of your blog is as simple as reaching out to authority within the niche. Some fast and simple ways to build brand awareness for free of cost is through guest blogging, resource lists, and expert posts. They do not cost you any extra money to create, but it gives a huge return.

Begin by……

  • Researching your niche for common issues than developing content
  • Research the authority blogs in your niche and pitch them the content idea
  • Submit the post with everything about the author and wait till it is published
  • You can also send authority bloggers a doubt for a professional post

Affiliate Programs

It does cost money to implement in your blog, however, the return is huge. After the initial investment, you pretty much pay money to the affiliate after conversion is fully completed. In the end, you have generated a conversion and if you don’t then, you do not pay anything. Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to create brand awareness with someone who is doing the task for you. Here is how things work…

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