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Reasons Why Video Ads are Growing

What is your plan for spending on video ads this year? As per PubMatic’s Global Digital Ad Trends report, about three-quarters of advertisers’ increased their digital video ad budgets. Just 1% of advertisers had the plan to lessen the spending between the years 2019 and 2020. Usually, brands advertised on cable and broadcast TV, but have transitioned more and more to online ads. So, companies are not only increasing their video ad costs but leveraging modern channels. Here, we will find out why video ads are growing and why they are the future of online advertising.

Online video ads present advertisers’ opportunities for brand exposure, data collection, personalization, and improved targeting- abilities that traditional TV advertisements cannot offer. Online video ads are the future as they allow advertisers to connect with the audiences in a system they prefer. Video ads have evolved from being one piece of your whole online advertising plan to owning an important role in attracting potential clients.  In fact, according to HubSpot research, over 50% of customers want to see different videos from brands.

Reasons Why Video Ads are Growing

Video ads have better engagement

For attracting users, video ads combine two things. These are sound and movement. Both these play a significant role in delivering an efficient message, therefore leading to higher engagement.

Text or image ads rely on copy and punctuation to express the preferred tone. On the contrary, video ads utilize movement and sound to attract visitors. The ad format is more affordable at delivering your tale to the target audience with a personalized message that is simple for them to consume. Video ads that attract the interest of users and follow a convincing final call-to-action keep the audiences interested.

Several researchers found that an average user can remember about 95% of a message when they watch it, compared to 10% when they read it. This means prospects are more expected to remember your message through a video ad compared to text or image ads. In addition, a user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their acquisition intent by almost 97% and brand association by nearly 139%.

Video ads can be shared

Users are certainly more inclined to share videos. We can see over 700 videos shared by the users of Twitter every minute. These ads are relatable, concise, and have a story to narrate- all of which makes them perfect for sharing. Video advertisements provide brands an excellent way for them to express themselves and why many individuals find them worth delivering.

Video advertisements have a high click-through rate

The reality is that video ads say a story in a much better way compared to typical banner ads making them not only a better option for engaging audiences but also in getting more clicks.

As per studies, the average CTR of video ads in mobile apps is about 7.5 times higher than the display ads. Facebook video advertisements also have a high CTR compared to image ads.  Though video ads take time and are costly to develop, their capability to narrate your story effectively engages more prospects and attain more ad clicks.

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