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Ways to Use Facebook Search to Find Anything

Are you aware of all the things you can do using Facebook’s search engine? It can do plenty of things than you can imagine. By using a combination of various search phrases, you can search all news, posts, and photos. You can use Facebook search for finding information regarding games, shopping, and even music. It is very much different from regular web search engines like Google. Here, in this article, we will find out how to use Facebook search to find anything.

Facebook’s internal search engine is considered as one of the most underrated and under-utilized tools we use daily. After Google, Facebook’s search engine is the next powerful search tool. Most of our search activity in FB is restricted to typing the names of pages and friends in the search box and rarely we use it for other purposes. This is not our mistake. After the launch of Graph Search in 2014, apart from becoming popular, the search engine of Facebook has become riskier. Now, there are too many options and query syntax.

How to use Facebook search and what to find?

If you see Facebook’s search prompt, it says, “Search Facebook.” That is right, this option allows you to search any post you have seen prior on Facebook, all friends, items shared publicly, etc. But for doing so, you need to phrase your search queries using a natural language. Basically, it is not like Google’s search engine. As you enter a friend’s name or a phrase, Facebook starts showing you different prompts and suggestions that are generated automatically. These are personalized suggestions, which means that they will be different for different Facebook users.

What are the things to find through a Facebook search?

Use search option for finding groups, friends, and pages. The Facebook experience revolves around friends and there are different ways to search your friends. Apart from searching directly, you can sort the search results based on education, city, mutual friends, and work.

Tips to search for interests, photos, like easily

The new search option in Facebook makes the whole process of finding things your friends like simple. For instance, you can start by typing “Friends who like…………” and Facebook will show plenty of suggestions. In order to narrow the search results, you must click on a filter like Photos, People, Pages, etc.

You can also use phrases like “photos of….” to find photos of your friends. With this search option, you can also find those photos and posts that you had liked previously. For finding the posts or photos that you had liked before, you need to search for posts/ photos liked by me. You can also make use of this search syntax to find the posts/ photos liked by your family and friends. Just replace the phrase, “me” with “my friends” or you can also use the name of a specific friend.

Facebook search also helps you to find videos

You can also search for any videos on Facebook. You need to use phrases like the trailer, music videos, videos, etc. to find what you are looking for.

Find music and games on Facebook       

Facebook is home to different music and games. You can use the Facebook search engine to find games like Words with Friends, Candy Crush, etc. You can also use this option to find your favorite music bands and artists. Also, with search option, you can receive updates on their latest videos and music album releases.  

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