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Everything you Must know About Display and Search Ads

There are many elements of online advertising. You have too many ad formats to select from and methods in which you can reach your target audiences. If you had to choose between the two bid contenders in digital marketing, then display and search ads would be the top two channels. So, can these increase your digital marketing efforts? As display and search play important roles in advertising campaigns, you must know when and how to use them. Here, we will discuss about the display and search ads, everything you must know before using them.

When done in the right way, this dynamic duo can work together to achieve better results. But, before you put search and display together in an advertising strategy, it is better to know how they work.

Search engine advertising: What it is

It does not matter how amazing your business is, how optimized your website is or how much your consumers love you- if you are not a business powerhouse, then you probably will struggle to reach the top position in a search engine results page. This works mainly when you try to rank for highly competitive searches where your target audience is looking for certain products. So, it is very important to optimize your website for search.

Search engine advertising is a kind of paid advertising, also known as PPC, that gets your company found on the search engine results page. This kind of advertising is a great way to rule your target audience through search engines like Google that will permit potential customers to find your products and services.  It is a simple process with added benefits like:

  • A competitive edge to rank with competition
  • It offers a granular ability to optimize the effectiveness of your advertising
  • A means to hyper-target audiences based on the interests and locations
  • It permits you to make data-driven decisions, fast, ensuring your marketing dollars are generating revenue

Search advertising is like having fast answers to questions online. If you are looking for direct solutions, Search Network is the right option!

What is Display Advertising

While search ads are all about Google, the display network has nothing to do with searching on a search engine. While Google Display Network ads operate within the Google Ads interface, display ads work in a different way. The major difference is that your ads won’t appear in one place. Rather it will be shown in different sites that users are browsing across the web.

Display ads allow you to put your ad in front of your target audience. With display ads, you don’t have to wait for your audience to find your company or brand. It lets to be more active in the initial stage of the sales funnel, informing people about your product even if they have never heard about it earlier.

Display and Search Ads: The Difference Between the Two

The major difference is that display ads are working for a purpose, they are working to grow your brand awareness online. Display ads appear in these formats:

  • Text- headline, two lines of text and a URL; generally, appear in the website sidebars
  • Banner- These include rich media and images, so custom layouts and animations can be utilized
  • App- Targets certain mobile app categories
  • Gmail- Appear in personal inboxes

Now, before you assume that this option is simply “shooting in the dark”, Google offers a variety of targeting choices, ranging from managed placements to site groupings depending on audience characteristics.

When your audiences are online, it is vital to keep your brand in front of them. Most people spend their time surfing the web not searching for details, but it also is a soft push to discover your business brand. It is important that take the benefit of their time.

With this guide you must be clear about display and search ads, the difference between the two, and hose to use these ads.

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