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How to Use YouTube Affiliate Marketing for Extra Money

earning extra money with affiliate marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing is an online enterprise model where you earn revenue by adding affiliate links for products and services you recommend to videos you make and upload. These links are placed within annotations or under the video in the “Description” box. So, it is quite like traditional affiliate marketing in terms of how to earn money. The only thing that changes is the “Platform.” You still put together product reviews, tutorials, etc. that link out to a provided affiliate marketing program. Except you do the same with videos. But the monetization procedure remains the same- you earn a commission if a viewer purchases something using a referral link.

YouTube is a powerful marketing tool as it gives you a simple way to connect with a target audience and talk to them about products and services that you love. There are various kinds of videos that you can post on your YouTube channel whenever you want to make a sale. Let us have a look at a few of those.

Products or service reviews- If you buy a product that you like or find a service that proves helpful to you, you are prone to tell a few people. A “normal” person is going to tell a family member or friend, but you are not a normal person now, rather you are a YouTuber now.

You are going to tell everybody that will listen about your experience with a specific product or service that appeals to your targeted customer, and you are going to achieve a commission when they decide they want to attain similar results or experience that you got.

There are plenty of ways using which you can do reviews. You might decide to review the products that you have selected to use and tell others about the important features and why you love them. Or you might review comparing various products that could be a solution, and then show why you decided to buy the product.

Both these types of videos can be effective, and the best thing is they are easy to create. Just share what you love about the items along with any cons that you had experienced.

Offering an honest and thorough review helps people go through the decision-making process. The objective is to answer all their questions in YouTube affiliate video so that they too purchase with your affiliate links before they close your video.

Tutorial Videos- Creating tutorial videos for your YouTube channels is another important way to get in front of your audience to whom you can make affiliate sales. Tutorial videos can be short or long, but they should give all the necessary information for the project. If you provide partial information to people, they will start looking for another more in-depth tutorial for assistance.

When you make tutorial videos for YouTube affiliate marketing, you must show people step-by-step how to do things and what are the things that you use. As people see you using different products or services in the video, you can work in affiliate sales by providing the link of the things that you used in the video in the description box.

Best of videos- Best of videos are simple to create. All you need to do is create a list of the best of whatever it is that you are endorsing. In the video, you must talk about both the pros and cons of each product. It is always better to start from the least good to the best products. This guarantees people watching through the whole video. You can link out to all products and services that you discussed in the video.

Attracting traffic to the videos- Another important online affiliate marketing tip to earn money is to get traffic to your videos. Even if you have the best videos online, you will not get any results if it is not seen by anybody. Getting traffic is one of the biggest challenges people face when they try to earn revenue through YouTube affiliate marketing. The good news is that many people use YouTube, so you can get some traffic simply by being on the site with well-optimized videos. It is known as related videos.

YouTube Related Videos- You have probably watched more than one video on a specific topic. You view one video on YouTube and then you see a similar kind of video that you might find interesting, so you start watching that video. People do this every time, and that is why you must show up in the YouTube-related videos. You should optimize your content by adding appropriate keywords in the title, tag, and description section.

To get more and more traffic from YouTube-related videos, make sure you have interesting thumbnails that attract customers and encourage them to click once they see the thumbnail.

Google Search Result- This can be a powerful source of traffic for your YouTube videos. Based on the keywords, YouTube videos are likely to appear on the 1st page of Google. One of the important affiliate marketing tips to remember here is posting your video content on your blog is one of the best ways to get started with the video’s SEO… and to attract targeted traffic to both your videos and blog.

Before you try to rank your videos in Google search results, search for the keyword to check if any videos are showing up at present. If no videos show up, this might not be the right keyword to target with your video SEO as far as Google’s organic search is concerned.

Subscribers- Subscribers get notifications when you post a video if they have the option of navigation selected. Even if the option is not selected, your video will come up in their feed for all the channels they have subscribed to.

While you hope that people are clicking on the little bell icon and getting notifications, the subscription page is a good source of traffic. When people see your videos, ask them to hit the bell con to receive all the notifications. This way you will receive better results in the future. You must focus on attracting more and more subscribers who love your videos. As the number of subscriptions increases, you will get more traffic every time you post a new video.

To make it simpler, we have compiled a list of popular YouTube affiliate marketing programs representing different niches out there.

  • Amazon Associates- This might be one of the popular YouTube affiliate programs out there. The reason? Because about 200 million people around the world visit and shop at Amazon every month. This affiliate marketing program can be a good choice if your channel does not have a certain niche, or on the opposite- has a specific niche. Because in Amazon, there is something for everybody- tech gurus, beauty lovers, gardening enthusiasts, reading fans, etc.
  • Skillshare- Help your target audience clear a test with Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community that provides several classes in photography, design, and business. It has over 24,000 online classes and nearly 60,000 student projects that you can share with your customers.

With this affiliate marketing program, you can share some tutorials in photography that you use or suggest useful tips on how to prepare for the exams. Then, entice your followers to do something great with their newly learned knowledge.

Remember, to achieve success in YouTube affiliate marketing, you must be authentic and promote those sites in which you believe and tools that you utilize yourself. This way, you will not lose your customer’s credibility as you will promote genuinely useful products and services. And the best thing? You will be able to earn extra money in return.

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