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How Can Video Marketing Increase your Company’s Brand Value?

With the increasing popularity of the internet came the fall of brick and mortar stores. Disturbing through heaps of clothes and waiting in long queues was replaced with lounging around at home on a computer while adding several items to the cart. Although online sales have risen and online shopping is not going anywhere, there are different digital marketing strategies that brick, and mortar business owners can use to increase revenue and foot traffic in their own stores.

Video marketing is one such strategy that brick and mortars can use to help raise their brand awareness and improve sales. For instance, videos can be used to create tutorials, help the users understand how to use the products in the best way, announce new features and interesting new projects, and even to inform customers on various business procedures and practices. Among all the businesses currently using video in their content marketing strategy, about 76% reported a rise in website traffic. Above all, businesses who use video in their digital marketing plan noticed their revenue increased 49% faster. The best part of video marketing is that it produces results.

Various uses of video marketing

In order to start developing a video marketing campaign, you must first decide what you want to attain. Do you want your business to be shown on the map? Are you trying to sell a single product? Do you want to inform consumers that you are about to start a holiday sale? Once you find what your objectives are, you can decide how to craft your digital marketing video. Below, we have mentioned a few ways in which you can use video for the marketing of brick and mortar business.

Encourage general awareness

If you want to increase brand awareness and make your business popular, then you should create a general awareness video. These videos inform the customers about you, who you are, what are your ideas, what does your business do, and most importantly, why should consumers choose your brand and not your competitors. These videos are simple and straightforward but are effective for the small business owners who want their company to be located on the Google Map.

Generally, these videos are not more than 30 seconds long. When advertised on various social platforms, generally users only watch the first five seconds before they can opt-out or in of the advertisement, so ensure the opening is interesting. You can think about general awareness videos like on an elevator pitch. You hardly have 30 seconds to let your customers know what’s the unique thing about your product and why should they purchase from you.

Provide info/ announcement

Videos can also be used for delivering announcements and information to your audience. For instance, if your brick and mortar store will be closed for a few days because of some kind of renovation then, you can use a video marketing campaign to detail why the renovations were required, as well as offer updates and prompt the users to stop by once the job is completed. You can also use these types of videos to create a buzz around a new product or service.  These types of videos are important because they play the role of a communication stream between you and your audience. You should keep your users informed.

Provide tutorials

Tutorial videos are educational videos that your users appreciate. These videos teach consumers how to make use of your products and services in an efficient way. You can walk them through the set-up and show them all the vital features. The best part of a tutorial video is that you can also increase traffic to your store by asking the users to watch the video for any instructions. The length of a tutorial video varies depending on the product and service.

Streaming live

Live streaming is a new phenomenon that allows brands to connect with users in no-time. This means that the brands cannot edit away the mistakes and instead will seem to be raw in front of the audiences, which individuals happen to love. Live streaming is one of the best ways to show your audience that your company is genuine.

Video marketing is a powerful tool for a brick and mortar store in this digital era. You can actively communicate with your target customers online while reminding them why they need to visit your physical store for a whole new experience.

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