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Why is Facebook Preferred for Social Media Marketing

facebook a preferred choice for marketing

Most of us know Facebook in terms of its social media supremacy, but it is a great place to spend your digital marketing money. After all, there seems to be no shortage of good social media platforms that can help you to advertise your products and services, so do you know why you should use Facebook for Social Media Marketing?

Well, if you see closely, Facebook has many strategic developments operating in its favor, and this social media platform is continuing to release useful features that can offer great results for advertisers. If you are doubtful about why you should use Facebook for Social Media Marketing, here are a few reasons that will clear your confusion.

Reasons why you should use Facebook for Social Media Marketing

Huge Exposure at a Reasonable Cost

There is a reason behind street musicians setting their shop at the busiest places in the city- they need to be present where maximum people come to grab their attention. The same logic is applicable to the field of advertising. You must establish your presence on the most highly marketed digital channels if you want to expose your product to the widest audience.

With over 1.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook fits the bill for this reason. Moreover, you will spend less on average when you start advertising on Facebook compared to Google. If you are planning for video advertising, you will be glad to know that Facebook video ads are cheaper based on per-impression than what you will see on YouTube.

Improved Audience Targeting Potential

You would be struggling to find an advertising platform for media marketing that can provide such a great level of targeting capabilities that Facebook offers. As far as targeting audiences based on different demographics and areas of interest is concerned, then Facebook is at the top.  Along with their regular suite of heavy-duty audience targeting tools, Facebook comes with the Custom Audience Tool, which helps you to upload the contact lists (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers, and User IDs) to show the ads to a certain target audience.

Live Video

Facebook has become synonymous with live video, which is one of the most popular forms of audience engagement on the internet. With the introduction of Facebook Live, users can show video content in real-time and share experiences with followers and fans. Companies can leverage Facebook Live to attain a new method of interaction with their customers through Q&A sessions, sneak peeks of the upcoming product releases, behind-the-scenes footage, etc. With live video growing, it is important to include Facebook Live in your social media marketing plan.

why choose facebook for marketing

Strong Growth

While nobody can predict the future, it is safe to say that Facebook is not going anywhere soon. The number of active users on this platform has almost doubled in the past 4 years, and with the rapid-fire release of powerful features like Facebook Professional Services, Facebook Events, Facebook Live Video, Facebook at Work, you can leverage Facebook’s huge platform to supercharge your marketing activities in plenty of ways.

No one fears the conventional knowledge of not putting all your eggs in a single basket, but this does not mean that some baskets should be bigger compared to others! When you imagine about the massive influence Facebook uses in the market, it just makes sense to consider why you should use Facebook for Social Media Marketing.

Infinite Segmentation and Targeting Prospects

Facebook provides businesses a dozen various ad formats and thousands of possible ad target opportunities. Diversified and comprehensive strategies can assist you to tap into the new communities and fanbases. And the categories vary from intuitive to bizarre.

While most of the people assume that Facebook reigns supreme at focusing on primary audiences, the platform can work well for a mass secondary reach, which can at times be more significant than driving primary experiences. A similar thing can be seen for Instagram, which is expanding in sophistication and prevalence.  Smartly targeting new customers with eye-catching marketing messaging is restricted by creativity and ambition.

Facebook is sticky

Facebook users spend a lot of time on this social media channel- on an average of 40 minutes a day. Worldwide, Facebook-use accounts for a massive 20 percent of their time online. More time spent on Facebook means more time spent on interacting with your business’s presence.

Facebook is a growing channel

Facebook not only dominates social media, but it shows no sign of slowing down. Day by day, the number of Facebook users is just increasing. More audience means more opportunities for your business.

With Facebook, you can measure results

Still not convinced and thinking why you should use Facebook for social media marketing? This reason will change your opinion. Facebook Insights allows you to track the results of your Facebook marketing campaigns, including organic posts and ads. You can attain detailed information about how prospective clients are engaging with your brand on Facebook, like a total number of likes you got this week and how to compare the results with past, what kind of engagement you got on your social media posts, and which ads attracted maximum traffic to your site.

It is a great channel for discovery

Product discovery took place at the e-Commerce level first. It was rooted in customers who are looking for products that they knew they require. With millions of videos and images shared regularly, shoppers are now finding products in social media. This lets customers stop scrolling and ask, “what is that?” creating suggestible moments of discovery and showing the need for brands to develop compelling content for each channel. Adding to this- traditional desktop-based ideas of search are no longer natural entry points in the current mobile-first app economy.

And this is the point where Facebook has been recognized as an effective search channel. In 2018, more than 56% of Facebook’s Story users have browsed a company’s website. They did so to attain more info after seeing a product or service in the Stories. In an age where tool connectivity is more significant, customers today are assuming to find that imitable Amazon-like experience everywhere. And, Facebook has maintained its position as the top social media platform.

reasons to choose facebook for advertising

Facebook helps you to reach out to website customers. The re-targeting option of Facebook allows you to show Facebook ads to those who have visited your business site previously.

The social media channel lets you spread the message to Friends of Friends. When your target audiences see your Facebook ads or posts, their Facebook friends also see them. This increases the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing attempts.

Facebook entertains and informs over 2 billion users a month and about 1 billion users in a day. There is a small difference in the number of users across different age groups. This means that pretty much everybody is using Facebook and using it most often. Several studies have found that about 83% of females use Facebook compared to 75% of males.

Facebook pages often used by businesses are quite active every month. One-third of Facebook users use this social media channel to engage with companies. Comments from around 5 billion people are present on the pages every month.

One of the most popular posts on Facebook includes a link to a site. The second most popular type of post is video posts, followed by photos. Businesses are utilizing the social network to attract traffic to their website with link posts. They use videos to support engagement on their pages, which in turn increases the overall reach.

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