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Top Industries Driving Significant ROI Growth with Digital Marketing

As a business owner, you need to take a lot of decisions every day. Whether you have an idea of it or not, digital marketing influences most of these decisions.

Statistics prove that more than 90% of customers trust word of mouth on digital media and search engine rankings over several other forms of ads. Besides, online marketing allows people to channelize their campaigns, build lasting relation, reach the target audience and optimize their online branding.

Online Marketing and the Modern Industry

In industry 4.0, the reliance on conventional marketing will ease even further. As we keep observing it, digital marketing is going to rule in the coming years as well. It is suggested that more than 80% of industries have a well-crafted procedure for implementing online marketing in their business model.

The real question is “are industries driving any evident ROII changes through online advertising. The numbers are biased towards the affirmative. Here are the top industries that generate high ROI through online marketing.


Everything that an organization performs from networking to client interfacing requires digital marketing. The marketing industry is more than capable of putting to use the online network of the target audiences and some potential purchasers also. It is notable how all this happens within a digital context.

Various online marketing techniques provide several opportunities for the marketing industries to earn huge profits. Video advertising has been one of the most important types of networking content. As it turns out, more than 60% of advertisers are strongly using video marketing.


If you were told to rank three industries that generate maximum ROI through digital marketing, the retail industry would be in the top. The huge fishes in retail industry understandably have vast online marketing mechanisms. But the fascinating thing is there is plenty of breathing space for many smaller companies too.

If you are a retailer who deals with in-demand and micro-niche product, online marketing is the right fit for you. The common thing among all these retailers is the fact that all of them tend to settle consumer complaints much before they seem to escalate.


How often do you or someone you know used online resources to find information about any health condition? Most of us visit online medicine portals to find essential info. As per the 2013 Pew Research Centre Study, about 77% of web users check for an online solution to get answers for their health issues. We cannot deny the fact that doctors still play a significant role in the healthcare system. But the reality is they have been replaced by the internet as far as seeking primary healthcare information is concerned. This is one of the major reasons how online marketing plays a major role among medical experts.

Education and Training

Perhaps the largest low-budget profit reaper of online marketing is the training and education industry. An online platform like Facebook now helps educators, institutions, and students interact directly with each other. Honestly, this idea was hard to imagine earlier. Most of the schools, colleges, and universities use social media platforms to inform people about campus events. It has been shown in several studies that one in every two educational institutions make use of digital marketing for raising money for events. 

Online marketing is one of the best game changers as far as connecting customers to popular brands are concerned. Digital marketing also helps in measuring and optimizing the performance of marketing campaigns. We can say that more and more industries will enjoy the benefits of online marketing in the coming days.

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